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1. Where can I buy Rugged Paw?

- Right here online!  You can also stay up-to-date with what markets we'll be at via Instagram & Facebook (@ruggedpaw); and you can always message us for an up-to-date roster of the shops our products are sold in.

2. Do you offer wholesale?

- Sure do!  Send us an email at ruggedpawus.@gmail.com

3. How often should I apply this to my pet?

- For basic everyday pampering and/or preventative maintenance, once a day is just fine! For irritated and/or dry areas, you may do 2-3 times per day.

4. Can humans use this?

- Yes! These are all-natural and vegan ingredients that are safe and effective for everyone.

5. What if my pet licks off the product?

- Have no fear.  We've done our research plenty, in order to make sure that this is a safe and non-toxic product.  However, discontinue use if irritation occurs or if your pet becomes obsessed with licking off the product.  They'd probably enjoy a treat much more. =P

6.  Can I use this on my cat?

- 100% absolutely! 

7. Do you ship internationally?

- Not currently through out web store; but email us, and depending on your location, we'll see what we can do. 

8. When will my package ship?

- 3-5 business days!

** Email us with any other questions you don't see here! ** 


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