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Rugged Paw is a skin & fur care line comprised of all natural and vegan ingredients.  Our products serve multiple purposes such as moisturizing various areas of the skin & paws, aid in healing rashes & hotspots, help keep away pesky fleas & ticks, and more!

The idea of this product was born in 2017 when I (Ashley) started to become incredibly discouraged over my dog Bronson's rare and chronic skin issues.  The prescriptions would work, but only temporarily; and while Bronson just LOVES visiting his friends at the vet (no, this is not a joke), he needed something topical to ease his discomfort on a regular basis without the long-term negative side affects.  

However, the journey of Rugged Paw could not have happened without one of my very best friends, business partner, and mentor Zach West (the founder of our parent company, Shear Revival).  I've worked under Zach at Shear Revival for the last three years.  And with Zach's expertise & knowledge of the business/production end of things, grouped together with my ideas and love for dogs (and all animals), we were able to bring this all to life.

Bronson and all of his friends have grown to love their Rugged Paw routine; and we hope that you and your furry pals will love it just as much.

With love & care,

Rugged Paw